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Welcome -

Superior Book Productions is a full-service company dedicated to helping authors get their books to readers.

Need a book edited? Need a book cover designed or a book laid out? Need a website for your book? Need a book review? Want to be interviewed about your book? We can do it! Producing High Quality Work to Increase Book Sales is Our Mission.

Wow! What an amazing service you provide! Your editorial expertise is a great investment for anyone who wants to become a best-selling author.
- Patrick Snow, international best-selling author of 
Creating Your Own Destiny and The Affluent Entrepreneur

Superior Book Productions provides fast, incisive, and authentic reviews. I am also indebted to the depth and acumen of Dr. Tichelaar's editorial skills.
- Victor R. Volkman, owner of Loving Healing Press

Larry, I just received the printed copies of my book. They look great. I can't tell you enough what a great job you did on the layout and design. You hit the nail on the head. As a novice, I appreciate all you did to guide me through this process. Again, thanks, will see you again in the future.
- Guy Forstrom, author of Camping in Cloverland with Henry Ford

Please review the many services we offer and the testimonials of satisfied clients. Then contact us today to discuss your project needs.

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Author Services -

Editing & Proofreading

Superior Book Productions provides complete editing and proofreading services to fit your budget and project requirements. Praise for Superior Book Productions editing service.

We will perform light, moderate, or heavy editing as needed.

We need to see the manuscript first and then provide you a quote based on the level of editing required.

All quotes are based on word count and level of editing difficulty. However, a basic pricing guideline is:

  • Proofreading: about 1 cent per word.
  • Basic editing: about 2 cents per word.
  • Heavy editing: about 4 cents a word.

For book length manuscripts, we will provide a free sample of the first 5 pages of the manuscript.

We will edit the manuscript on paper, or in microsoft word using the tracking changes feature, depending on your preference.

There is a $25.00 minimum charge for editing services, regardless of length.

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Poor editing and proofreading are the primary reason for poor book reviews.
Customers reject marketing materials with typos.


Book and Website Design

We offer self-published authors and churches (and small businesses - anyone actually) affordable design, layout and web services. It's that simple.

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Book Reviews

Why wait months for your local newspaper or one of the big review publications to review your book? Will they even give you a review? Why rely on friends to post reviews on Amazon?

You NEED a quality review from a professional. Praise for Superior book reviews.


Author Interviews

After readers finish your book, they want to know more about the person who wrote it and how the author came up with his or her ideas. Some readers will want to know more about the book before they read it. The Solution? An Author Interview.

Superior Book Productions conducts written author interviews, which will be posted on our website and on ezine articles. Contact us today to arrange for a written interview. To read previous author interviews, click on our Author Interviews page under the FOR READERS section.

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Marketing Materials

Superior Book Productions understands the need to support your book's brand. You have a website and/or your book is listed at Amazon or Barnes & Noble. You've planned a book launch and/or book signings. What else could you need?

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Let SBP help you with marketing materials that will support your brand and help keep you and your book in front of readers' and potential readers' eyes.

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I had no idea how much I was getting when I brought my book to Tyler Tichelaar!  Within 24 hours, I felt like he was my personal friend, who truly cared about MY BOOK!  He is a magician when it comes to editing … I still wake up every day grateful that I was so lucky to find him.  His services didn’t stop once my book was published (in fact they still haven’t!). When I think about the time he spent (still spends) with me …and the speed at which he responds, I can’t fathom that he has other clients! 
- Carol Paul, author of Team Clean: The Ultimate Family Clean-Up-the-House Formula!


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For Readers -

Visit us frequently. Superior Book Productions offers interesting and informative book reviews on a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction books. If you're trying to find a good book to read, this is the place to visit.

Do you want to know more about the author whose book you just read? Visit our Author Interviews section to find out how authors come up with the ideas for their books, what their writing influences were, and what they plan to write next!


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About Us -

Tyler R. Tichelaar, Ph.D, Editor and Reviewer

Tyler R. Tichelaar President, Book Reviewer, and EditorTyler began Superior Book Productions in 2008 after leaving academia to focus on writing his own books. Once his books were published, he had many other authors approach him for help with editing their books and a new career and company was launched.

Tyler has a Ph.D. in Literature from Western Michigan University, and Bachelor and Master’s Degrees from Northern Michigan University. He has lectured on writing and literature at Clemson University, the University of Wisconsin, and the University of London.

Tyler is the current President of the Upper Peninsula Publishers and Authors Association ( and the former guest host of Authors Access Internet Radio.

He is the author of over a dozen titles, ranging from historical fiction to historical fantasy, historical non-fiction, a play, and books of literary criticism.He lives in Marquette, Michigan, where the roar of Lake Superior, mountains of snow, and sandstone architecture inspire his writing.

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Larry Alexander, M.A., Layout & Design, Webmaster, Associate Editor

Larry AlexanderLarry has a Master's degree in English from Northern Michigan University, where he taught College Composition and managed the independent student newspaper.

Beginning in 1996, Larry was a technical writing instructor and training developer for General Physics Corp. in Troy, Michigan; web manager and editor for Infinisource, Inc. in Coldwater, Michigan; and webmaster, communications writer and editor for the Upper Peninsula Health Education Corporation in Marquette, Michigan.

Larry became an independent writer, editor, and web designer in 2008. He lives with his wife, Ann, wherever her vocation calls her.

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